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Pictures uploading on Blackberry Tour--2 problems


Pictures uploading on Blackberry Tour--2 problems


I just recently bought the Blackberry Tour so I am still learning the tricks to it.

I took a lot of pictures yesterday and would like to upload them to my computer. The problem is I cant.  I plug the USB and there is no folder for pictures only music.  I read all the books and there is no information on it.  I checked online and there is hardly any information on it.  It did show me how to put them on Flickr but I have to do it one by one and that is going to take forever.

Can anyone help me please.

In addition, I started uploading them through Flickr and some of them went through and others did not.  When I went back to redo them the pics were gone...Is there anyway to get those pictures back?  Is there a way to get deleted pics back as well?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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