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Problems Pairing with Bluetooth devices

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Problems Pairing with Bluetooth devices

  I just got my Blackberry 8330 yesterday and the first thing I did was tried to pair it with my Jabra BCE-OTE1 hands free ear piece (Headset) I turned the Bluetooth on the phone on then turned my headset on per the headset's directions, then started the search for new devices on my phone, but after several trie, my phone won't find my headset. I have also tried the phones setting to have the headset try to find the phone with no luck.

  I also have a Motorola PC850 Bluetooth dongle that attaches to my PC so I can do several different things from listening to music wirelessly on a pair of Blutooth headphones to transferring data to and from my PC to other Blutooth devices to using it as a network adapter from one PC to another.

  I was able to get my phone to pair with my PC dongle but only the wireless headset and document sync features would pair with my phone. I can't get the data transfer feature to pair on my phone. I have had three other phones with Bluetooth in the last 2 years and all of them were able to pair with my handsfree headset and all of them were able to pair with both the wireless headset and data transfer features on my PC dongle.

  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to get both of these devices to work on my phone which this phone is supposed to do?


        Jim O    


Re: Problems Pairing with Bluetooth devices

Hey from what you have said, you have paired the same bluetooth with 3 different phones? If this is correct, then you will need to reset the bluetooth. The reason being is because, as a security feature, bluetooth headsets will only allow you to pair it up with only 3 phones/other devices. The universal way to reset a bluetooth is to hold the on button AND the volume UP button at the same time. Some devices will show different sequence flashing lights or various things. If this doesn't work, then you can always google how to master reset your bluetooth. It's a pain, and most people don't even realize/know that 3 is the limit but hey that's not your fault. Good luck!!


Re: Problems Pairing with Bluetooth devices

Thanks, I didn't know that my headset would only allow three devices used before it had to be reset. After performing the procedure you recommended I was able to get my Blackberry to pair with my headset.

I tried to get someone from Sprints chat support to help me on this but as usual the tech. support person I had could not help me.

Thank you,

Jim O'Fallin 

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