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Questions to Sprint/Nextel Directly


Questions to Sprint/Nextel Directly

Is there a way to ask Sprint/Nextel questions directly to them on here?  I really want to know if they are going to come out with an upgrade for the 8350I.  I want a Blackberry that has Direct Connect with 3G or 4G internet speeds.  I really want to know before I upgrade to another version of Blackberry, because it always works out where I'll spend money on an upgrade then 2 or 3 months later they will bring out another version of the phone I would of rather had spent money on!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Yes - you just did.

Will there be an upgrade to the 8350i? 

We can't comment on our upcoming products - we have a strict policy that prevents us from talking about unannounced products.

That being said, I haven't seen anything about an updated BB on Nextel on any of the NON-sprint rumor sites.

And the 8350i came out fairly recently, so it's not due for a replacement just right yet.

And other Sprint news has shown that there will not be any more Q-Chat HPPTT devices made (which would give you the high speed cellular data with PTT capabilities).

And there's only one rumored 4G phone in the works.

So I would be pretty confident buying the 8350i if you need PTT on a BB. 

I could be wrong - this is all based on my personal reading of Sprint public news and various rumors on the Internet.   This is not a comment on any unannounced products.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Is there any chance of Sprint/Nextel coming out with a threaded sms/mms update for the Blackberry Curve 8350i

As well, I've read that the Curve 8350i has compatibility with the new OS 5.0 software, any possibility of that coming to Sprint/Nextel?

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