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Radio Issues with my BB Tour


Radio Issues with my BB Tour

Okay so here is the deal. This all started about 2-3 weeks ago. My blackberry will go into searching for CDMA randomly throughout Phoenix.  My partner has a BB curve 8330 and he will have 3-4 bars and I will be searching for service. It will typically happen when I am browsing or using BBM. I rarely drop calls with it.

I took it to a Sprint store and they told me nothing was wrong with it. And to go online and file a ticket (cant find where to do this anywhere). But I am still having the issue.

Any ideas?

(History: This is my 4th tour, first 3 had the trackball issue. I was an early adopter, WORSE DECISION EVER! I have had nothing but trouble with this phone and seriously just want to chuck the darn thing out a window!)

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