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SMS error message, help


SMS error message, help

../../../message/363819#363819I am getting sms error message 4 whenever I try to send out a text or respond to a text.  I have spent hours online with the phone techs only to be referred to a Sprint store.  Get to the store and of course not tech on duty. Once I did get a store tech to look at the phone, he reset the entire phone but still I have the same issue.  I am so frustrated with Sprint because each tech I get gives a different reason for the issue, but no one can give a solution.   Anyone else having the same issue? 

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SMS error message, help

Do you have BES or Blackberry Enterprise Service?


SMS error message, help

Also, Sprint Technical Support can forward you to RIM tech support and pay for the phone call as RIM Blackberry charges for tech support.  A couple of Blackberry forums I just read indicated that a "reload" of your phone's OS from the Desktop Manager resolved the problem and this would indicate it's a Blackberry software issue.  RIM Blackberry Tech Support may have a more "surgical" solution if you'd like to give that a try. 


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