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Service issues...


Service issues...

Hi all! Happy Holidays!

So I'm aware of the BBM and various other BIS outages happening yesterday into today...but I'm back at my parent's home for the holidays and reception here has been poor in the past, but I used to have phones that allowed me to "roam only" in order to get reception. My 8330 with 4.5OS does not have that option, and provisioning it has not helped. Is there any other quick way to get better/stable reception? I feel my older phones were more stable i don't know if there's any code etc that exists to help me out.

Also I have not been able to upload photos to facebook for about 4 days now, no matter where I am, with low or full bars 1xEV.



Re: Service issues...

   Hi, I don't know if this is related but I was reading a forum on how to get out of your mobile contract and one of the things someone posted to do is set your phone to roam all the time. If you have unlimited calling and roaming like most plans do now, Sprint has to pay the other service provider to use their system so if you leave your phone on roam it will cost Sprint enough money to where the will shut your service off. Now I don't know if since reading this post Sprint has made changes to their system so that customers can't manually set their phone to roam or not, but that might be one reason why your having problems.

  Jim O


Re: Service issues...


I'm only at this location perhaps 4 weeks out of the entire year and it was just nice to have the roam only feature on older phones. This feature has been removed for the exact reasons you've stated - costs to sprint.

I'm not looking to break my contract by voiding the roaming terms and agreements etc. Nor do I want an airwave.

I just want to know 2 things.

1. Is there a work around to the newer 4.5 OS for activating roaming again - i've done this with windows mobile through patches and "hacks"...but im pretty doubtful one exists for bberry.

2. Is there anything on sprint's end they could do to help me improve my reception...since it seems worse than I previously had with an older phone.

The answer to both of those questions is probably "no there's not"...but just throwing them out there.


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