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Speaker phone


Speaker phone

Has anyone here had a problem with their speaker phones on their BB's?

I have the 8350i and have only had it about 8 months now.

It seems that from time to time the speaker portion of the phone decides it doesn't want to work which means I lose my ringer, alarm and the ability to talk via speaker phone. It really is the strangest thing because as a rule I use my earbud to talk on the phone, as I talk too much on the phone anyway. Well each time it has occured what has happened is my earbud has gone dead so I plugged it in to charge and talked on the phone itself (not speaker). I hang up as normal and then plug it in to charge for the night and go to sleep. I wake up late for work because all of the sudden my speaker has failed and I missed the alarm.  I can't even use my phone with the speaker phone, when I put the speaker phone on while talking the person on the other line can hear me but I can't hear them. So now I live on vibrate to try to not miss calls. I have taken into a sprint store where they had the phone for a couple of hours and they clean it but usually doesn't will decide to work when it is ready which can be days, weeks or even months!

Anyone know why this happens and what I can do to fix it when it happens.

And before anyone asks I will say that yes I have checked to make sure the settings of the phone are not muted or silenced. The options are all turned on to support the speaker phone working.

Help is appreciate.


Re: Speaker phone

Are you running the lastest version of the OS? If I'm not mistaken this was an issue that plagued the 8350i when it was first released. You may be running the OS that the phone initially shipped with.

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Re: Speaker phone

BlackBerry 8350i

smartphone (iDEN, Wi-Fi)

v (Platform

Thats what I have

And thank you for taking the time to help!


Re: Speaker phone

No problem.

From browsing Sprint's website, it looks like v4.6.1.313 is the latest OS for the 8350i


Re: Speaker phone

Yep, and since that update speaker has not worked.

Like I said this is the second time it has happened and I am not sure why it happens, but I am sure it is an update issue.

Now I just need to know how to fix it

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