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Sprint Navagation


Sprint Navagation

I have a blackberry 8830.  Has anyone had problems with their sprint navagation periodically not working?  It will say no GPS when it was fine two minutes ago and I am not in a rural area.  This is one of the reasons I purchased the phone and find it frustrating that I won't work half the time.  I don't have time for this.  Is there another application that is worth getting?


Re: Sprint Navagation

Navigation works thru satellites not the cell towers. This is not an uncommon problem. GPS is not always dependable, either. I mainly use it for a map when I need one.


Re: Sprint Navagation

i had the same problem i have a 8330 i called sprint the told me it was a connection problem and 2 do:

  manage connections > mobile network options > menu key >start provisioning

what that does is register  ur phone with the network again it work 4 me. i also have google maps that works k and mapquest has an app u can send ur phone i have not tried that 1 yet so try 1 of those

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