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Sprint TV changes


Re: Sprint TV changes

lnichols wrote:
Don't forget how they improved our "Unlimited Data" by putting a 5 GB cap on it too. That was an awesome feature to improve service and make it truly unlimited.

Despite initial claims that is would affect older plans as well, it seems from the thread on these forums that those who already had unlimited data still do, it is only new activations that are subject to the cap.


Re: Sprint TV changes


Quote Jfinch1 -Customer Care Specialist

To be a successful company, Sprint evaluates all products and makes changes to reduce costs. Reducing costs allows Sprint to offer customers our value pricing. And in today's economy, value pricing is more important than ever.


Sprint thinks taking away outstanding product so they can reduce cost is the best businesses move hmm

Jfinch1 ,how would you feel if lets say..your local cable company took away your favorite channels .

Would you say,"That's great I will save money"or would you look for another pay tv provider that carried channels you enjoy?

I'm getting the feeling Sprints looking for bailout money so government can take over...Maybe new name could be sprintUSA

Bottom line,

Sprint business strategy makes no sense what so ever which explains why competition will always eat up their customer base.

I look forward seeing what else they take away to cut cost and give us the best service available.


Well that was fast ,Sprint sells 8330e ,sends them off to become 8330m -so called new phone-different sku with mms incoming feature that forwards from picture mail site server and cripples device locking GPS function.

Now lets see ,Owners of 8330e that have spent hundreds of dollars on TomTom/navigation software etc) now can no longer use gps software they payed big money for if 8330e breaks..they will be forced to use crippled 8330m.

The Good new for Sprint ,If BB 8330m owners want gps driving app Sprint will charge customer 10 bucs a month to use their telanav lol

Way to go Sprint...that's the way to keep money in your customers pocket in these hard economic times and destroy a great device crippling GPS

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Re: Sprint TV changes

The Blackberry packages already include Sprint Navigation in the plan, you do not have to pay extra for it. If the application is telling you that you have to pay, technical support can fix the error pretty quickly.


Re: Sprint TV changes

Good to know ,kudo for you.

Question ,Why in heck did Sprint cripple Curve for? Many in BB support..the ones Ive talked seem pretty disappointed it was locked.

It takes away so many great 3rd party GPS apps out there to be used.

A few of them in kink

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Re: Sprint TV changes

I am amazed there are people who use Sprint TV. I am not impressed with the quality of the videoand it is way too expensive. Dropping the channels is badbusinessbut I am not hurt by it since I never liked it. If the rates were reasonable I would probably used it but I can't see paying 8 bucks for each channel.

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