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Sprint, some information on 4.5?


Sprint, some information on 4.5?

I'm tired of tacking 5 other threads. If you are new to these forums and don't know the long history of this, read these:

(links open in new window)

MMS application for BlackBerry

Update on 4.5 code upgrade

Response from the BlackBerry team regarding availability of 4.5

When will Sprint start seriously supporting the Blackberry users???

Updated info on 4.5 from Blackberry team at Sprint

Also, this thread is locked, but significant:


It's important to note that Sprint gave what they consider an "update" after the deadline had already past, but felt like they deserved some points for trying. A day late and a dollar short as the saying goes...

And what was that update? Check that "Updated info on 4.5" link.Summarized without exageration orspin: We are working out bugs that we can't tell you about because of legal issues. Not everyone would be affected but for the people who would be it will be significant. It will be out for the Pearl and Curve at first, and the 8830 and 8703e later, and will include MMS.

They spread outbarely overtwo lines ofstuff in to a post and called it an update. Only the last 21 words that I wrote were new info, and they even stretched that a bit more, like a student using a big font and double spacing to make his paper the right length.

SoSprint, look at it from our point of view.Lets say you can buy cable service from CableA, CableB CableC. You go with CableC because they are the cheapest. Everyone on all three companies gets the sameMotorola DVR box, but CableC'srelease of it is a firmware levelback soit won't recordand it's menu guide is missing some good features. Now CableC initially denies that lack of recording is that big an issue because you can work around it with a VCR. And then tells you, repeatedly, for months after CableA and CableBboth implement every feature the box is capable of, that they will get you an update, but they don't know when.

When you call, angry that you missed all your shows because you cant record and had to work late, would you consider "We still don't know when, but we are working bugs out of the firmware. It will definately work on your box and include recording capability." to be an update? No. Without telling us why we aren't getting it now even though much smaller companies have been able to implement it, why your programmers seem to be so slow, (or maybe they are great and fast but you have just understaffed that department compared to other companies?) what is wrong and WHEN it will be fixed, it is no update. A hint at a feature (that isn't even fully explained, because we really don't know if you mean MMS or Pic Mail and they are different things!)

So Sprint. Dan? Maybe you think this isn't that big a deal and we are blowing this out of proportion. I don't think so, otherwise you wouldn't have a comercial right now that specifically talks about all the things phones can do. So if you acknowledge that the features we want are important, then it is a big deal to be three months behind Verizon and even they were a bit slow compared to some other carriers.

Could you please tell us what is wrong and when we can expect it to be fixed, and for a few of us who need one or two of these features bad enough to make us jump ship this month while we can use your pricing increase to do it for free, maybe we can beta test it, at our risk,for you. We are obviously capable of providing feedback and bug reports since we post here every day.

And could you lock those other threads to reduce my eye strain and carpal tunnel?


Great thread JV , Sprint needs to give it sticky


I'd really prefer it if they would just respond with an update, and I mean a real update as defined in the first post. 24 hours and nothing.

It's both sad and funny that other cellular providers use this site to turn users away from Sprint as a sales tactic. Sprint started this forum to show that they were listening to customers and trying to address their concerns, and other companies use it to prove that they aren't. I had a slow day at work today, and the forum has been dead silent. In the New Orleans and Baton Rouge metro areas, I called 16 other cellular provider's stores and three sprint stores. Only one out of 16 of the other providers had never heard of this site. And even funnier, one of the sprint stores had never heard of it. I even had the guy ask other employees. but in his defense, the manager was out to lunch at the time (I asked to speak to the managers at every store I called, and got them in most cases, except the three Sprint stores. Sound familiar?)

So Sprint, another day of lying, leading on, and AVOIDING customers down, and you are still in buisness. I don't have time to switch providers this weekend, so you've got at least until Monday before loosing this customer, but really, not too much longer than that. Don't worry, I'll still keep you company on this forum after I switch just in case Dan was serious about wanting to fix your faults. Somone has to point them out to you since no matter how glaring they seem to us you guys completely fail to see them. And who knows, if you guys actually do get your act together, maybe I'll switch back. I doubt it, but maybe.


I was so happy when Sprint 8330 became available but now very saddened because Sprint will notprovide simple info on4.5 rom/mms release dates keeping its Blackberry customers in the dark throwing us astale cookie every so often.

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So... Any word Sprint?

Hey, any Sprint employees,just wondering on another note:

Lets say I feel like giving sprint some more time to take care of this issue for me, but I refuse to stay trapped in a contract based on your "word"that things will be fixed soon.

When I call and use your administrative fee increase to cancell my contract, do I have to cancell my service as well? Or can I just get out of contract and be marked as a month to month customer? Just because I refuse to agree to a contract change doesn't have to mean that I cut off our buisness relationship completely, I just don't want to be trapped in to paying the increased rate for the rest of my contract term, especially since I'll be going elsewhere if you don't release the new BB software in very short order.

If I can't get an answer on the updates we are waiting for can I at least get a prompt answer on your cancellation policy? That question should be a little easier and would at least show someone at Sprint actually is listening.


I thought of this already and tried but to no avail, they would rather lose you as a customer than give you this option! I just don't make good sense!


Icant believe you guys are still thinking you are going to get any answers here. You would have better luck calling pizza hut and asking the delivery guy when the 4.5 update was coming out. Heck, his "I have no idea" is just as good as what w're getting for the reps and mods here.

Thisis the best BAW has done and I see it as the same old run a round we have got for 3 months.

If you want up to date operating systems on your device you need to do one of 3 things.

1. Get rid of your blackberry and get something sprint considers a real phone like the instinks. They get there updates and the device is built for kids. Just look at this section of BAW. It's all about the instinks. If blackberry had that kind of attention....

2. Get a device platform that doesn't require carrier support. The Windows mobile deivices like touch pro and diamond have custom roms built byregular people that make there devices work. If they had to wait for sprint, those devices would suck too. the rom development is the only good thing those devices have going for them. They are easy to keep up to date without the help from carriers like sprint.

3. Get the Palm Pre. From what I am seeing, it looks like sprint sees one device at a time. just look at the Instinks. The Pre seems to have all there focus right now and should have it for a while.

I dont really want to go back to windows mobile and the sprint blackberry is going no where. I have made up my mind and I'm going with the pre.

Blackberry is really a great platform, but sprint has really hurt this device.


Unfortunately cody's words have the ring of truth about them.

When I first logged on to BAW, I thought it odd that Sprint had a whole section comprising EIGHT separate forums devoted to the Instinct...while Blackberry's have one forum to address a range of a half dozen phones. Just from outward appearances, we know where Sprint is focusing their attention and resources.

Beyond that, the Pre is the new Golden Child. Forget that Sprint's Palm lineup was the main reason for my jump to the Blackberry...our phones are again being shoved aside in favor of something newer, sexier and with NO previous track record. While I hope that the Pre doesn't do a crash and burn (since a healthy competitor in the smartphone category makes everyone work a little harder), history with phones like the Instinct make me a little less optimistic. And while the Niagara/Bold is reportedly due in Q1 09, I'd much rather have the Javelin/Curve 8900 series and would buy that inside of my contract...provided I felt Sprint was going to support the device.

Right now, I am on the fence about staying with Sprint. I have two Blackberries, a Rumor and two modem cards...and am contemplating going to a third 'berry to replace the Rumor. I find Sprint's customer service to be excellent overall and have no issue with getting service issues solved.It wasn't always this way, but I feel they have made great strides have been this area. With the exception of this little BB OS dustup.

Has anyone tried the tactic made popular by The Consumerist of generating a reasoned, thoughtful assessment of this issue and generating an executive email carpet bomb (EECB) and making Mr. Hesse and the rest of the board aware of our concerns? Maybe a tiny squeak applied at the right level will grease the wheels down in the Blackberry department.



I canceled1 ofmy 2 linesyesterdaydue to lack of Blackberry customer support...I payedNOETF thanks to administrative fee increase. Its quite obvious Buzz wireless forum doesn't care or they would bring the right players to the table and provide well deserved answers on 4.5 /mms release.

I'm going to cancel my 2nd line in a couple days if Sprint keeps jerking me around.

That's not a threat Mr Hesse ,Its a fact!

Sprint is cheating Blackberry customers and I'm completely over it,

Phil C


Sprint - What's up with this?

Leaked OS 4.5

How can you tell us that there are still problems and bugs when there are people out there with the leaked OS that can't find anything wrong with it? How can this be out in the wild now and you still have no idea of a release date for those of us who are still waiting? Could you please stop LYING to us?


Hey Mods/Admins,

If you delete or edit this message in any way, please note here why you have done it. I have re-read all of the community guidlines and can not find any rule this link breaks. Even if it had a download link for the firmware over there, it still wouldn't break the rules, but alas, there is no such link. It's just a bunch of posts by some community members and the two users lucky enough to have the new os and be testing it.

Message Edited by jverity on 01-13-2009 12:33 PM
Now it does contain a download link, but I still can't see the rule that that breaks, so please let me know if you edit this what rule it is breaking. This is actually your software update for this phone, just released earlier than you like.
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BAW removed the other post(s) that mention the leak and/or link back CB. I guess they'd rather just sweep it under the rug than give us concrete details.


BAW stands for Baloney About Wireless. I wish I hadn't been told about this site. It frustrates me about Sprint, makes me want to leave, in fact encourages me to do so.

This site is a text book example of how NOT to run a website for your business.

It is so clear that support is not here, nor is there a true commitment for support either for BlackBerry's or really customers as a whole at Sprint. There was talk of a change with the new CEO, but I am not seeing the actions to back up the words. I'd gladly change to the Pre when it comes out, it seems as though that will be Sprints golden child and will no doubt get better support... But you are still with Sprint...


For the record, there is a single post with a link back to the Crackberry forums as 12:30pm (Central) regarding the leaked OS. I'm guessing they finally realized this little brushfire was going to go to five alarms if they tried to tamp it down any farther. In any event, I really have no interest in running over and installing it, but I will take it as a hopeful sign.

The leak arrived with the news that Sprint is on track to release the upgraded OS at the end of this month. Should Sprint corroborate this info, I'm good with waiting another two weeks.

Unless they blow the date. 🙂

I will take a bullet for the team and volunteer to test the OS if it will help move the damned thing out the door on time...

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