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Terrible Service


Terrible Service

I just received the worst service I ever experienced in my life. I received a friendly reminder to review my plan through the mail. The customer care rep. sells me on a new plan to start 1/7. On 1/7 my new plan starts with no BB service. I have no email and can't access the web. I called Technical Supprt and Advanced Technical Support on 10 seperate occasion in the last 4 days and was on the phone for hours as they essentially guessed what was wrong. They said it was something on my end, I insisted it was not. Finally they found that the Customer Care Rep did not had the BB service to my new plan. So I had to add it back in at a cost. They still could not fix the problem, they promised to call me back, I was disconnected, sent to the wrong departments. Finally in the end I had to wipe out my whole BB and start with the factory defaults.

I called back to log a complaint and they can't find my account.

What a joke!

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