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Tour 9630 Antenna / PRL profile issues?


Tour 9630 Antenna / PRL profile issues?

Hi, I'm a Tour 9630 owner with problems maintaining phone calls in my own house.  When I look at the "Street-level coverage map" I see "outstanding coverage" throughout my entire neighborhood for Voice and 3G  (Blackberry does not yet support 4G so I am paying no attention to that map).

Sprint Customer Service is telling me that Tour owners have been complaining about a spike in dropped calls since November of last year in my area (Redwood City, CA).

I find it difficult to believe that no troubleshooting (such as the "Can You Hear Me Now?" guy might provide for Verizon) has been done in light of all these complaints, though I have no idea how many there have been.

I just know I have grown accustomed to seeing ZERO bars in my house, and getting calls dropped in virtually every room, with callers telling me they can't make out what I am saying.

In the middle of a "superb" coverage area...!

I suspect a flaw in the design of the Tour 9630 antenna, coupled with some RF or other technical change made to the local signal towers late last year.

But this is all guesswork on my part based on symptoms.

If they offer me a replacement phone as a way forward, should I insist that it not be a Tour 9630?

[Update: They had me do a PRL upgrade from Options --> Mobile Network --> Update Profile "because I hadn't done one in a couple months".  I'll know in a few hours if this did the trick - but if it did I wonder if it's necessary to go through this step every "couple months"?]



Re: Tour 9630 Antenna / PRL profile issues?

I'm sorry to hear that you are still having this issue. This is a know issue with a couple of Blackberry models that have been released, that has not been an update released by blackberry as of yet for the issue with the Tour. You state the issue occurs in your home, is this primarily the only place this happens? Something else I would suggest having done to the phone is called a POST test. This can be done in any of our repair centers. The link to our store locator is below. if the PRL update does not resolve or better the dropped calls we need to have this test ran on the phone. If the phone passes the test, I would consider having an airave in your home. This is a signal booster of sorts and will boost your signal up to 5,000 square feet. I'm sorry we have not yet had an update released by blackberry


Re: Tour 9630 Antenna / PRL profile issues?

I greatly appreciate this reply.  The PRL update had no effect that I can discern.  I have placed my bberry options to "Prompt" for whenever it wants to go into roaming mode for data services.  Sure enough, the prompt is appearing at frequent intervals throughout my house.  I would be interested to learn more about the Airave and how much it costs.  Given this is a known issue, would I be reimbursed for all or part of my out-of-pocket costs by Sprint for deploying such a "band-aid" solution?

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