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Tour registered as BES when it is on BIS


Tour registered as BES when it is on BIS

i've searched the forums and other places to see if anybody has had this particular issue but with no luck...

i puchased a Sprint BB Tour with BIS (no BES)

however, i wanted to use desktop redirector to forward my outlook (work) email to my phone..

as you all know, the only way to do that is to install the BB Desktop Manager in BES mode, since the BIS mode does not have the redirector...

so now, with this new OS 5.0 update for BIS users, I connected my phone to Desktop Manager to download and install the update.

However, it keeps saying that no update is available.

Then i went to to download the update and i got an error saying basically, that my phone is on BES and i need to contact my BES folks concerning the upgrade.

I then uninstalled the desktop manager and reinstalled it in BIS mode....tried the update again and got the same error, saying my phone is on BES..

This made me think that my actual phone was somehow registered as BES...

I also tried to upgrade wirelessly, but also got "no update available".

does anybody know how to work around this?

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