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Transfer Contacts from LG Rumor to Pearl

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Transfer Contacts from LG Rumor to Pearl

Can anyone direct me to where I can find instructions for transferring contacts on the LG Rumor to a Blackberry Pearl 8130?


Re: Transfer Contacts from LG Rumor to Pearl

Easiest way would be to take it into a store and have them transfer it using the Cellebrite machine, takes all of 5 minutes, and that's if they have issues.

Or you could transfer them using bluetooth. Simply set the Pearl to be visible with bluetooth on, and then have the Rumor search for it, you can choose any passcode you want. After that in the Rumor go into the bluetooth option and one of the choices should be something like "send contact", I don't have one in front of me to check exactly, it should give you the option to send either one or all. If that doesn't work in each contact you can also choose to send each contact individually. Some devices don't allow receiving more than one contact at a time, I think the Pearl does but I'm not 100% sure.


Re: Transfer Contacts from LG Rumor to Pearl


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