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Trouble Getting Phone Replaced


Trouble Getting Phone Replaced

I have  the last 4 hours at a sprint repair center after being told to go there because of all the issues I have had with my blackberry tour(9630). I have talked to 8 people who have all told me different things. I want away from blackberry and into a comparable model phone(without the trackball issues, power issues, and speaker issues). I was told that a repair center manager was able to offer me a wider selection of phone, rather than another blackberry. The repair center manager was out of the office for the next 3 days, I called another repair center and was informed that I would only be able to get the same phone as I currently have, this is unacceptable customer service. I am not asking for a whole lot other than a smartphone that actually will work. Does anyone know what I can do to get this issue resolved? I have had this phone in the repair center several times for repair, replaced by sprint once and Assurion has replaced it twice. phone will not hold a charge over 2 hours(standby or 1 hour talk time, the track ball works when it wants too, you can barely hear out of the phone, and the phone reboots completely if you bump it the wrong way)  I need a working non blackberry phone, and will not pay for a new phone.

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