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Up until two days ago I LOVED my blackberry, one morning i tried using it and noticed that the screen was black so I thought I had turned it off but after I tried turning it on i noticed problems, the screen and buttons gave out.  friends and family can call me but I can't answer, NONE of the buttons work.  after i took the battery out and put it back in it turns on like normal, teases me, and poof the screen goes black and nothing I do works.  i did take it a sprint store where they tried doing something to it but to no avail nothing could be done.  they told me to contact sprint and that I was smart to have gotten insurance on it, now I have to pay $100 to get a refurbished phone, which in the past I have gotten and they S@#k big time, not to mention that everything that I had on the phone is lost FOREVER!!!!!!.  If we are charged for insurance on a monthly basis plus pay a high price for another phone (used phone) when something happens to the original, We should get a new phone instead--isn't that what insurance if for plus the $100. 

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