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Visual Voicemail stops responding to input

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Visual Voicemail stops responding to input

I've already raised the issue Sprint tech support at a local store and they are clueless. Visual Voicemail stops responding to input although I can BB button task swap from it. Because VVM triggers the voicemail icon in the status bar and the app stops responding, it's impossible to discern if there are any truly unheard messages until VVM's duplicates can be listened to, clearing the voicemail icon. It seems to stop responding after it reports that new messages couldn't be downloaded. Eventually the message downloads and is marked as unread, but by that time I have already used the legacy "press 1 and hold" to hear the message. So the VVM copy is marked as unheard until I pull the battery and VVM can respond to input. Problems with downloading through VVM occur several times a week.

A pull of the buttery clears the problem, but that is rather inconvenient since I have to strip the protective rubber sheath I bought separately.

Perhaps someone knows of a fix or a way to remove Visual Voicemail?

I don't really care for the app anyway so I wouldn't miss it.

6.0 Bundle 2426


Visual Voicemail stops responding to input

I have been seeing this issue when the device goes to roaming just for a minute this freeze occurs.  I don't have a fix but do have one thing that may help you some. You don't need to pull the back and the battery to reset the device. To perform a soft reset  press the ALT   +  RIGHT SHIFT(CAP)    +    DELETE keys simultaneously. To clarify this is the ALT on the left hand edge under the A key - the arrow SHIFT key bottom right and the DEL key (just to the right of the L key) on the right edge of keyboard.  Device screen will go black - red light will come on and device will reboot.  You may also try to delete the log file by holding the ALT key down and pressing L  G  L  G   then delete the log file.  I will keep checking on your VVM issue and update this a  I get more info.


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