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Voicemail issue...


Voicemail issue...

So I have a BB 9330.  Originally using Visual voicemail.  I set up a Google voice account which I tried but didn't really care for becasue the text translation wasn't that good.  I have the google voice app on my phone but I'm not signed into it and have been receiving my voicemail through visual voicemail.  About two days ago I started getting texts from Google voice whenever I missed a call saying I have a voicemail and now my visual voice switched to Google voice and I didnt make any changes.  I deleted the Google voice app.  Reset my BB by removing the battery and rebooting it.  I called customer care and they said they reset the account on their end but when I still get the text saying I have voicemail from Google voice when I miss a call an someone leaves me a message. 

I was previously able to set the setting on and off through Google voice prior to this but this time I haven't changed anything and now I cant get back to the Visual voice or sprints regular voicemail.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong or is anyone else having this same issue?  Any suggestions on how to correct it?


Voicemail issue...

If you once had "Google Voice" setup, but only deleted the app from your phone, this will not change the voicemail routing back to Sprint's VVM.  You will need to logon to and deactivate your account on their end.  This should route your voicemails back to Sprint's Visual Voicemail. 


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