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Where are emoticons/smiley faces on Tour 9630


Where are emoticons/smiley faces on Tour 9630

I just purchased the Tour 9630 and can't find the emoticons/smiley faces to use in text messages.  Can anyone tell me where they are?


Re: Where are emoticons/smiley faces on Tour 9630

The text messaging emoticons are part of Blackberry OS 5. The latest rumors suggest that Sprint will be releasing their version of OS 5 for the Tour some time in December 2009. RIM wants all current BlackBerry devices running OS 5 before the first of the year. If you can't wait, there have been leaks of OS 5 for the Tour (with .230 being the most stable), but if you're not comfortable upgrading your OS or sacrificing compatability with some of your apps, wait for the official release.

I had .230 running on my 4th Tour. I am now on Tour #5 and decided that I can wait for the official release to upgrade to OS 5, though with sucking as hard as it does (battery life is complete garbage and too many hang-ups) I might be tempted to jump the gun.

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