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Who owns Sprint? Apple?


Who owns Sprint? Apple?

Who owns Sprint? Apple? Seems like it. The data shows that with the release of the new BB Z10, everyday more and more Iphone,& Android users are switching. This proves what a great phone this is. Do you seriosly believe that bringing the BB Q10 will make them switch? Serious buiseness users don't care about how many game aps are out there. I waited a long long time for Sprint to carry the BB Bold Touch, its a great phone, and people bought it becouse they had a phisical key board but wanted a touch screen, so you get the best of both worlds. But now they see how nice the touch part of it is and BB answered with the Z10. Going from a Bold touch to a Q10 would be like going from a Iphone 4 to a 4s, no differnce. Don't be stupid like in the past and lose loyal customers due to the screwing you got from Apple to carry thier product. Make the step into the new buiseness world and carry the Z10. I'm pretty sure that the buisenesses that dropped BB for an Apple or Droid will return to BB, don't lose out on them either.

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