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Why Am I No Longer Receiving Email on BB 8330m?


Why Am I No Longer Receiving Email on BB 8330m?

I have a Blackberry 8330 (a Curve, I think?), and I have it linked to my Gmail account.  For some reason, around four o'clock today, I stopped getting emails.

  • I have Gmail open on my desktop, but this has never presented a problem before.

  • I tried re-registering my phone (per this site:, but that did no good.

  • I shut the phone down, I shut it down and removed the battery; neither worked.

  • The "Reconcile Now" option hasn't done anything, either.

I still have data connectivity.  I can connect to the internet via Operamini, chat on Google Talk and AIM.  I can make phone calls.

The odd thing is, *some* emails have come in, but hours late (i.e. the message app says I received the email at 5:18, but the metadata in the email says it came in at 3:51p, which is precisely when Gmail (on the computer) said it was sent.

What is going on?  Anybody know how I can fix this?

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Re: Why Am I No Longer Receiving Email on BB 8330m?

Yes, I have two solutions for you.

First, embrace google web search,,, since you would have learned by the 2nd link Gmail was having issues all month, also Google Gmail would've advise d their default policy is only one active connection per time.

If you've successfully downloaded Gmail from your phone and desktop,... actually your desktop session was in the process of being termnated but the RiMM servers compted their session and your desktop session seemed uninterrupted.

Gmail, doens't allow simultaneous sessions, since RIMM's connection is intermittent its impact is minor, your desktop connection is the hog but does its best to keep your session online whenused from a browser but an outlook /express connection is low weight like RiMM's connection.

Google has a gmail applet for the BB and it maintains session state and offers the threading and many features of the web client, like Gmail on your desktop it also has googlChat and logs you on when logging into gmail.

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