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Why do mms messages come as a link to a website?


Why do mms messages come as a link to a website?

I had to get an exchange on my blackberry 8330 a couple of months ago, and ever since my new one came in I haven't been able to get mms messages the way I used to. Before I sent in my original phone the messages came in like always, I would open the message and there would be the pic or animated gif or whatever else anybody decided to send me. Now on my new phone the messages come in and i have to click a link and it opens up a web browser and gives me a tiny preview of the pic, then i have to click "view media" to look at a fullsize pic. And god forbid that anybody sends me a pic with an audio caption; then i have to download the audio portion and open that up in the media player, by that time I have already forgotten what the pic was that it came with!!!!! This is very annoying and sprint customer service has not been able to give me a straight answer for the change. My wife has a P.O.S. Rumor 2 and she gets everything fine and doesnt have to jump through all these hoops. CDoes anybody have a fix or, at least, a good explanation?


It sounds like your original 8330's were either 8330m's or they were the newer 8330's that use an MEID.  If you have an 8330 that is using an ESN number, you may receive MMS messages as SMS messages with a link to the picmail site.

Also, your 8330 needs have a current version of 4.5 installed.

To determine which phone you have, goto:

Options --> About 

The display will show 8330 or 8330m.

If you have an 8330, goto:

Options --> Status

The last two lines will show ESN or MEID information.

If it has ESN, you have an older 8330.

If it has MEID, you have a newer 8330.

The 8330m and the newer 8330's work great with MMS.

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