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cnet rates Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 better than Verizon's


cnet rates Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 better than Verizon's

found this cnet review for BlackBerry Curve 8330. Looks like Sprint's version is better than verizon.

with 4 stars from cnet & 4 star average user's rating, this looks to be a better blackberry smartphone option.


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Re: cnet rates Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 better than Verizon's

Our company uses both and Verizon's came in more color choices,,, it seems insignificant but owners like choice when it comes to a personal item.

But, Verizon is known for restricting manufacturer features and for the purposes of forcing users into fee based services while the same phone with a different carrier does it for free !!!

YEAH, NO LIE, the 8830 has an integrated GPS receiver and works indoors, Sprint's 8830 comes ready to recieve and display GPS even if the users doesn't buy TeleNav or activates the trial.  Google and BBMaps uses the GPS along with real time location updates and rudimentary driving / rerouting directions. (TeleNav offers Point Of Interest feeds such as locating restarauns and pizza restaraunts within a radius of your current position, it can feed into your address book making it easier to feed new destinations)

But, Verizon had their 8830 spec'd from RIMM as installed, but "locked" and only accessible by their $10 monthly fee GPSNav service, then the expected tales of deception from mindless store reps guaranteeing GPS across the counter and either ignorant or speciously... Verizon owners found out they only had GPS if they paid for it...again...and every month.

The forums bloated with these complaints like refugees until the technique to use NML or the EE menu trees were published describing how you could get your money's worth and Verizon's legal dept then went after the sites, ISP's and users who published such intellectual pornography that obscenely detailed how their customers could take advantage of the phones features also advertised onthe box and posters in the windows.

Eventually, the impending class action suits since enough exemployees from Verizon stores could swear about the "Included GPS" words on those posters and early box tops, enough state Attorney Generals inquired about it and Verizon dropped their ValueAdded / Wuality Assurance claims and first hosted unlock updates for users to manually obgtain then just pushed them without notice.

Since the update didn't add anything and just unlocked portions they encumbered themselves, the risk of damaging and crashing phones was as nonexistant as shredding matress tags so they weren't required to publish a note or acknowledglemtnt to end users. Except for a thinpress release, they remained quiet on the matter behind their vandalized office windows.

Verizon is also renowned for policing their mobile broad band users choices and their data contracts prohibit using their WWAN cards for online gaming and "other activities deemed relatively unnecessary"... something that broad allowed them to arbitrarily disconnect a subscribers broadband modem if they determined you played too much MoH and your knurled fists were barely able to patronize your favorite late night site.  There weren't any massive sweeps to weed out subscribers who chose to violate the morales clause but individual postings would include scanned attachments of cancellation letters.

If Sprint, or Cricket has those restrictions.... we've never heard of their enforcement,  we don't know if Cingular AT&T has those restrictions but who uses them for WWAN anyway ?!?!!?!  I can get a 56.6k connection just as easily at an airport payphone instead of paying cingular $60 a month for their modem line !

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