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emails in message application

Journeyman aw1

emails in message application

Blackberry Tour - Messages application

Recently setup gmail on my Blackberry tour, so I have a separate icon in my home screen for my gmail messages.  Is there any way to keep my gmail messages ONLY in that application and stop them from going into the regular "messages" application - where they're mixed in with my call logs?  Kind of annoying having the same messages in duplicate message boxes.


Re: emails in message application

As far as I know, Blackberry doesn't allow you to customize what comes into the main messages box as it is kind of a catch all.  There's a couple of things you could do.

1) Download the GMail app and access your mail through the web app. This way you could remove it from your inbox completely and only access your messages under the gmail icon. (not my favorite).

2) Under the Messages > Options > General Options, set SMS & Email boxes to separate.  This will give you a second separate icon to access text messages and allow you to hide (or move down to the bottom of the list) the main messages mailbox and just use  your SMS and Gmail inbox as your two main inboxes.  Call logs can still be accessed through the talk button, and voice mail indicators will still show in SMS. Yes your gmail will still show there, but you won't need to look in that inbox. As you read/delete them from your gmail box they will be updated in the main messages box too.


Re: emails in message application

Often times you will also have an option that says "theme controlled" this means that the actual theme in use determines what goes in what boxes, so you may like it one way, switch themes and see that it is displayed in a different way.

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