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making private calls


making private calls

how can i make a call appear as "private"?


Re: making private calls

If you want to show your calls as private then you have to block the caller id.

Block Caller ID for a single call: 

Dial *67 before phone number.

  • Unblock Caller ID on a single call when Caller ID block SOC is active:
  • Dial *82 before phone number

    Other option would be is to  permanantly change the caller id name. Either change to unknown or wirless caller and that would require  Caller ID name updates in 3 days (72 hours).


    Re: making private calls

    As the other response indicates it depends on how you want the caller id to work .  If you want everybody to get blocked or private  then calling  Sprint customer support 8882114727 and asking to have  your caller id blocked would be the way to go.  On the other hand if it is just one or a few calls then using the  *67 code would take care of it for you.   It all depends on you needs

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