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playbook bridge browser wont work with bb stlye


playbook bridge browser wont work with bb stlye

i have two bb stlyes and one 8530 and after using the bridge browser on the playbook the phone (both stlyes) will go to a white screen with a 601 app error message in the middle. one stlye got the work over with os wipe and reload and i was walked through, i even had rim walk me through the second time since sprint had no results. no other apps were installed after the wipe but bridge and nothing but fail. while this was going on i was using bridge on the other stlye which was app free except for preloaded factory apps and nothing but fail on it. the 8530 works FLAWLESS with bridge browsing and has every dumb app that a preteen could want, and still no problems. i am convinced it is in the software of the flip. i don't know if other stlyes have the same problems. i would get mobile broad band from sprint if i had a real need for it but the only thing i use the bridge browser for is grocery shopping or locating the kids when they stay home and besides IT IS SUPPOSE TO WORK. i have moved my customer service rant to the correct forum. I do have the option of a new phone same model but i'm concerned about what i might go through again if this is directly a bbstlye issue. If any body has the same issue i would like to know and if so what was done to resolve it. i have a upgrade but want to see how this is handled before i do so. Any other bb devices to stay away from that have the same issue as well,that info will be appreciated to. all software on the three phones and playbook is up to date

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