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I am the new owner of a blackberry tour.  I am trying to figure out how to pick up wireless networks on it.  Can anyone instruct me on that?  Thank you.


Re: question

Assuming your device has OS 5 (which would be a good idea to update to if your phone isn't there yet), you can do the following:

  1. From Home (where the phone starts), tap the Menu key (the one with the double B logo).
  2. Slide to the Setup folder (it will have gears as an icon), and then click the center of the trackpad to select.
  3. Next, slide to Set Up Wi-Fi.  Click to select.
  4. Follow the wizard prompts.   To scan for nearby access points, click the Scan for networks button.  The scan can only identify access points complying with b, g, and low-band n standards.  Most routers will comply, but if you or the person who set up the Wi-Fi router knows that the router has a band selection switch or option, set this on 2.4 GHz.  If you need to add a hidden network, click Manually add network instead, and then key in the name of the network (NB: this is case-sensitive).
  5. At some point in the process, you'll be asked for a security key.  If you know the security key for the access point, you can enter it on the phone when asked, or leave it blank if you haven't set one up yet.
  6. Near the end of the wizard, you'll get to name the profile you've created.  Make it an easy name you can remember, like "Office" or "Coffee Shop".
  7. Save the profile.

You can switch Wi-Fi on/off using the Manage Connections app.  From now on, when your phone is in range of a saved Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi is ON,the WiFi logo will display in bright white at the top of the screen, and the profile name will appear next to the cell network name.

Good luck



Re: question

Please totally Discard the first Answer you got. That User doesn't know what he is talking about or he just didn't pay attention to your post.

Plain and simple : You Don't . The Tour doesn't come with WiFi.


JUAPELL is right,  I have a BB Tour 9630 (sprint version) and it does NOT have wifi.

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