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"Provisioning is cancelled." Curve 8330m


"Provisioning is cancelled." Curve 8330m

the wife got a new Samsung Moment, so i wanted to try out her Curve, so I  had it activated.

The lady at the store said it should be good to go, if not do "this".   The wife forgot what "this" is.

So I get the phone, nothing works, no text, data, phone, nothing.   Thinking whatever maybe it will take a little bit.  30 minutes later,  battery pull, nothing.

Decide to peek around, go in and try to Start Provision on Sprint PCS in  the Mobile Network options screen, it starts...says "Preparing Data  Services..." than says "Provisioning is cancelled."

Called *2, she had me battery pull, than try to Start Provisioning, than  battery pull again and try again.  Than she gave up and gave me some  number to "BB Tech Support" and when I tried to call that...i got a  "This Number has been disconnected."

So now I sit here...with a Curve that is a paperweight and still won't  connect or provision.  Any clues?

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