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ringback tones

I have been purchasing ringback tones for all 5 phones on my account for over a year.  I would simply log in, pick which phone I was shopping for, pick the ringtone and it would charge me 2.50 and would be for 90 days.  At the end of the 90 days I would receive an email reminding me that it was going to expire.

    Well, I received that email 2 days ago and I have been trying since then to figure out how it works now.  I finally called and asked the help desk, so now, I have to create an account for each phone on my account.  When I say account, I mean I have to have 5 different log ins to purchase ringback tones now. 

    When I began, I had to go on the main account and set up credentials for each phone.  It then sent me an email saying the credentials had been set up.  Then I had to go to and log in with the individual phone's information.  At this point, it said "I need your email" so I clicked on the "send" button.  I then had to go back to my email and click on the link to activate that individual phone's account.

     Has anyone else tried to do this lately?  Are you as frustrated as I am?  It took me over and hour to do 4 phones.  I told the Sprint guy that unfortunately they will lose alot of business because it's too much of a hassel.  He said it was to keep the ringtones from being used between phones.  I don't know how because when I was shopping, I was shopping for one phone at a time.

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