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transferring contacts to a blackberry 8530


transferring contacts to a blackberry 8530

I have a Blackberry Curve 8530 and I need to transfer my contacts from my LG Rumor to it with bluetooth.  I've paired successfully and tried transferring both a single contact at a time and all contacts and keep getting a "failed" prompt.  Any  help would be appreciated.

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Re: transferring contacts to a blackberry 8530

Unfortunately a BlackBerry only seems to transfer contacts between it and a Bluetooth car kit  

There are two alternatives though:

1.  You can visit any corporate Sprint Retail location and we will happily transfer your contacts from one phone to the other at no cost. 

2.  If you cannot make it into a store you can always activate Wireless Backup on your Rumor for $2.00/mo (your Rumor must be active for this step), have it sync your contacts to, then access that site and export those contacts to an Excel file.  With that Excel file you can import that into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail and then sync with your phone.  If you use Outlook you can sync via BlackBerry Desktop Manager S/W, if you use Gmail you can use GSYNC which can be downloaded to your BlackBerry via 

For more in depth instructions on step 2 you can PM me and I would gladly provide you with more detailed directions

I hope this solves your problem!!


Re: transferring contacts to a blackberry 8530

My recommendation would be to take it into a local store and have them transfer your contacts for you.

The wireless backup is an option, but it is a very clunky option and you have to remember to cancel wireless backup after exporting the file from the site since the Blackberries don't support wireless backup.

Both the LG Rumor and Blackberries in general are very picky about the devices they will transfer contacts to/from.

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