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trying to make calls... message 12


trying to make calls... message 12

I am trying to make phone calls and it keeps saying we cannot complete your call at this time, please try your call again later. Message 12.  What does that man???  I can text and use blackberry messenger still.  I dont owe a bill.  I dont know whats up.  I cant even call customer service.  ERRRRR.  Im so frusterated.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: trying to make calls... message 12

If you get a voice saying 'cannot place call', that comes from the phone company switches.  Either:

1) Network is down

2) Network is overloaded

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: trying to make calls... message 12

May be true about the syatem busy.  But I was able to make other calls, just not to one #.  I jsut think its strange

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