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Blackberry Q10 unlocked?


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

The Q10 (SQN 100-4) is factory unlocked but software is set up to always be on Sprints network. If you put a foreign sims card in, you will still be running on Sprints network. So if you travel outside of country you may as well go through Sprint for international service. If you are planning on installing a foreign sim card to get the 10.2.1..... update think again.


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

I'll agree with you.....I've been a loyal & on time 4 lines with Sprint for approx 10+ years.  My daughter lives in London since 2010. She was using tour BB we got from sprint in 2009.  It finally gave during Thanksgiving (Nov 2013) we go into the Sprint store & get her the Q10.  At that time...even though she was returning to the UK in 3 days. They would not unlock it for 15 days. Even though she was not trying to scam sprint ....but was a customer who needed international service. Never had a problem with her old roller ball tour for international SIM card. So she has to wait 15 unlock....Sprint keeps telling it is unlocked.  But the new SIM card she got in the UK won't detect it.  All I get from Customer Service is it is unlocked.  Than we need a better wifi connection.  She has made several international calls to sprint at our own expense....& same thing. It unlocked from Sprints in.  Than the next thing they tell her to do is bring it back to the US to unlock it!!!  Which is what they refused to do the day we purchased knowing that she was returning to the UK in 3 days.  That's that great Customers service!  So last week she was in the USA (Feb 2014)& called sprint to once again unlock the phone.  They keep telling her it is unlocked and she will not have a problem when she returns to the UK.  Guess what....she back in the UK. & it doesn't work.  They even told us to call Blackberry IT....who said there was nothing they could do....& then put us on a conference call with Sprint international ...same answer it is unlocked???  Than WTF it does it not work. this is while she in the UK mobile store & they tried 3 different cards.  Nope....still can't. Now they say we need to mail it back to them.  I said please send my daughter a prepaid FedEx or DHL label & she'll. Be happy to mail it back.  Nope, that not something customer service can do????   And they are really sorry for the inconvenience!!!   If my daughter has to spend her own $ to mail it back & we have already paid several minutes for international calls to Sprint.  Nope.....I'm will be on my way to T mobile with all 4 lines. The other thing they say is to switch your setting to GSM....but it won't let her click on it ..... It won't come up to push that settings.  At this point....I'm over all of it.  if they tell me one more time to call sprint they can tell me it's unlocked on their in!!!  Im ready throw the phones off the balcony. It's condescending to here the same thing over & over.  We are really so sorry for the inconvenience & it's unlocked on our side.  So I been paying for a phone that she can not use unless we pay international charges thru sprint.  That's not what we agreed to. So I feel your our story is so similar as yours. Im really excited to see what Sprints customer support is going to say to my story :-).......


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

I hear you. I had the same problem back in October. I spent hours of time and many dollars trying different SIM cards only to never get it to work. I was so mad I didn't take my old HTC Touch Pro 2. I used to always have the Sprint International Plan that was $40 with unlimited data. Stopped traveling as much and cut back some expenses. Then, Sprint does away with it. So, I figured i would get the $7 SIM and the $20 Unlimited data from the local carrier and pop it into the phone like in years past. Wasn't going to get raped with international calling and data fees.

Glad to see it wasn't just me and it seems to be a systemic problem with Sprint. I have been with Sprint for a LONG time and have 6 lines. The Q10 screw-up, the Z30 not being released and the 10.2.1 basically non-existent has me at the point I am going to jump ship. Based on recent comments from Blackberry's CEO stating he has good relationships with the 2 big U.S. carriers, Blackberry is getting ready to abandon Sprint and leave them behind, so I may follow their lead. As Blackberry expands its enterprise market, Sprint is going to be left out. At least, Sprint still owes Apple Billions of dollars for the rights to sell Apple.


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

@girl60 -- Thanks for posting that, and I'm sorry you had to go through that experience, wasted time, and wasted money.

It's obvious NO ONE at Sprint has looked into this problem, despite the same crappy customer experience they are giving us.

It's pretty simple actually, The SQN-1004 (Q10) sold by sprint is locked at the factory.  It's not something Blackberry did, it's something Sprint did.  

Sprint -- Here is what you need to do:

1. Get a Sprint Q10

2. Try to unlock it.

3. Put another sim card (non-Sprint) in the phone

4. See if it works

Hint:  It won't

5. Provide refunds and apologies to everyone involved.


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?


Thanks for getting back to us. Have you met all of the criteria’s for unlocking your phone and contacted our international department to see about unlocking the SIM card portion of your phone?

Morris L.

Sprint Social Care


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

Hi Morris -

Not only have I met the criteria for unlocking my phone and contacted your international department to see about unlocking the SIM card portion of my phone, I have done so several times. 

Every time, the international department insists my phone is unlocked.

So you see, Sprint believes (deep in their hearts) that the phone is unlocked.  However, this is simply not true.

1. My "unlocked" Q10 will not accept any other SIM card, saying "it is not compatible with the network". 

2. I have not met any other Sprint Q10 user that has been able to unlock the phone -- on this forum, on Crackberry, etc.

I realize you have a limited support script to read from, but please read through the thread before replying.

Thank you,



Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

I had the same problem months ago. Tried several different foreign SIM cards also. Kicked myself for not bringing my HTC TouchPro2 that worked marvelously when I traveled the last time.

I wasted tons of time on the line with Sprint only to never have the card work. Cost me some money also.


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

STEELCLIP- Thanks for posting here. Do you still have the device? Were you ever able to use it at all? Let me know. Thank you.
Social Care Team

Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

Impressive the number of complaints about Sprint's choice to lock phone...

I recently move to Australia for professional reasons with my Q10. My contract is closed and balances and phone discounts has been pair to Sprint. So, the phone should be mine and I should be able to unlock it for any network.

It happens that I am stuck with a phone I can not use. What do I do with it ?


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?


Hey there. You can review our unlock policy. If you are eligible you can contact our international dept to have the device unlocked> .


Social care

Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?

Dear all   Sprint Q10 victims,

I'm one of yours. I am so glad that today I found out there are many of us who owns a Sprint Q10, but found so helpless that we cannot use any third party sim when we travelled internationally.

I have this Q10 since last year in October, since then I was in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, and Taiwan, had purchased sim cards from each of these countries, and had called Sprint from there to try to "unlock" the phone, NOTHING worked.

I had made Sprint to call Blackberry numerous times but still not resolves.

I had investigated all over on web and actually this has been a problem ever since. There are numerous web site people from all over trying to post and ask about this "mysterious unlocked issue" but none of these get resolved.

There are so many frustrations but I am so SURPRISED that every time when I called Sprint, hoping to see if I have any luck, unfortunately Sprint "International Tech supports " are silence about this issue, they seem to ignore it and keep fooling us customers about the devise is "fully unlocked'

I have been Sprint loyal customer since 1999, but I think this will be my last devise with Sprint.

Why can't Sprint admits that there has been numerous issues on the unlocked that they have to investigate and take it seriously, instead of keep fooling us, keeping asking us to try "next time" when you are overseas and call us again.

I guess the bottle line is we are the minority, with all Sprint's customers, how many who actually own a Q10 and how many will travel overseas, attempt to buy a local sim card and find out this is not compatible?

Sprint's so called "international care" or "international tech" team are so ignorant on who a foreign sim card works, they still think a "foreign sim card' will not work in US because we are in US… Have they ever heard of there are sim cards that actually " roaming"?

There was one time I offered to ship them my Q10 and all the foreign sim cards I purchased so they can find out rteh problems, they refused.

Enough of this and thank you for you and all other Sprint Q10 victims' post.

And Sprint care… please do not response to my post, saying that you "CARE" does not help, all we need is please address this issue seriously and find out why.


Re: Blackberry Q10 unlocked?


Just to clarify, have you already been given a unlock code thru our international department and it didn't work?

- Robtisha
Sprint Social Care
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