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No Visual Voicemail...

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Re: No Visual Voicemail...

Hi all,

I am quite surprised that none v has suggested using a 3rd party app.

Ive been with Sprint and a BB user since the track wheel eas on the side.

Anyway, it is easy to download youmail or phonefusion these are both visual voicemail apps that are Free.




Re: No Visual Voicemail...

Why use a less than ideal 3rd party app when Blackberry has gone above and beyond to integrate it directly into the phone's OS?  Sprint should step up and provide the back end service to enable this just like AT&T does.  A simple Youtube search will show you how elegant the Blackberry system is and that AT&T provides the back end with no additional charge.  iPhone has it, why don't we????


Re: No Visual Voicemail...

because sprint just doesn't care anymore.

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