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Pre-register for Q10


Pre-register for Q10

I'm a bit confused why there is pre-registration for the Q10.  I pre-registered back in May or June and haven't received any alert from Sprint regarding the release of the Q10.  While the rumor is an August 30th release and it seems Sprint representatives affirm that the rumor is true, then why no word nor information sent to those who pre-registered?  With the rumored release only two days away, it seems that pre-registration was a waste of time or perhaps just a way to give customers something to do instead of complaining, I don't know.  Of course, it might be that people who did pre-registered actually received alerts from Sprint and perhaps I was one who fell through the cracks.

Did anyone else who pre-registered receive any alerts?  If no, then do you think that pre-registering seemed like a waste of time?


Re: Pre-register for Q10

Sprint alerts never go out from what I've seen. The people that registered for the Windows Phone 8 devices never got emails either.  I don't know if something is wrong with their system, or if they just don't send them out. To be fair though when I first signed up for news of BB10 with the other carriers the only alerts I ever got was from T-Mo and VZW, many people never got the alerts from AT&T.

Re: Pre-register for Q10


Thanks for posting. I am sorry for the confusion and if your weren't notified via the pre-register method.

Currently the device will be available at Sprint Aug. 30 for $199.99.

All the information we currently have is here

Please let me know if this helped.

Thank you,

George M.

Sprint Social Care Team

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