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Q10 10.2.1 update ever coming to Sprint?


Q10 10.2.1 update ever coming to Sprint?

ALL other carriers have this software update for a week now. Would Sprint please quit stonewalling and hint at which of the following is true:

1.) There are plans to release this update, but no work has been done at all.

2.) There are plans to release this update, and work has been started.

3.) There are no plans to release this update.

RIM released the software to all carriers back in January per their press release.

This is ridiculous. I have been a Sprint customer for a very long time and am questioning my decision to renew my contract by upgrading to a Q10 if Sprint is planning on dropping support for the handset after such a short time.  Everyone is asking when this important update will be released, why can't the question be escalated to someone that can provide an answer?



Right now we don't have any word of the 10.2.1 update. When we do get word of the update it will be posted at > .


Social care


We realize you're just spewing the answer you're told to give, but seriously, this is an update WE NEED and NEED NOW! Why in the world is there no timeline given? C'mon're better than this...prove it!


So after dealing with the absolutely useless Sprint Care folks on here, I contacted my local Sprint store figuring that they could give me some more information and I was right,

They couldn't give me a release date however they said the entire holdup is on Sprint and they gave me the reason why.....

Sprint wants to be able to load their apps (something type of admin hardware that allow trouble shooting from the phone and probably Vision or something else) to the 10.2.1 update and Blackberry is pushing back.

Next some Sprint Care person will come on here and cut and paste the party line about the release date.

You want to impress me?  Contact me directly and explain why you haven't released it yet and then credit my account because my phone isn't fully usable in its current state and that's unacceptable.

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