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Q10 for YouTube music video playlists -- use WiFi, or download!


Q10 for YouTube music video playlists -- use WiFi, or download!

Consistent 4G to my home finally arrived for last 2 months.  Great!  Don't have to Wifi, to avoid slow 3G connection.

I also started following music videos of popular singers/songwriters, and created YouTube Playlists on my Win7 desktop.  Pretty cool.  So how can I play this YouTube playlists for my enjoyment on my Q10?  By default, only the first song would play. 

The highlighted the StereoTube app on sale for $0.99, which I purchased from BlackBerry World.  This App is superb for running Playlists you created on your desktop.   Slick, xlent GUI, and easy-to-use, even on the small Q10 screen.  Love  it.

So much that I'd play these music videos frequently, at home and on-the-go.   Not working, so lots of free time.  I happened to check StereoTube's data use the last 48 hours:  2.5 GB!   Then, checked MySprint 4G data usage for 25 days:  25 GB !!!  and 3 GB for 3G.    Still better, download the music videos to the cell phone, and reduce need for fast network.

Keep this up, and I'd be an abuser, not much different from playing 25 movies a month.  S-o-o-o-o I switched the phone back to Wifi, which should cut back my data use tremendously -- and offload the cell tower to my Uverse ADSL line.  Away from home in San Jose, I usually get slow 0.2-0.5 mbps 3G, so Data use ought fall precipitiously.

Moral:  Once you have 4G in your area, use WiFi at home or Starbucks, and download the mp3's for repeated play.

I've received no notices yet, but one suspects this could happen.  Its conceivable one's usage could be throttled back to 3G for rest of month, or beyond.  In the meantime, I appreciate my Everything Data Family 1500 plan, as recent inadvertent high data usage could have cost $$$$ had one switched to Verison or ATT.


Re: Q10 for YouTube music video playlists -- use WiFi, or download!

darad, We appreciate the the great feedback about the service and the device. We glad that you're enjoy the different apps on the device. You should be able to tap on the playlist on YouTube and all the videos should play. Also know that there some videos that may have a problem and you can't play it. If you have any questions or concerns we are always here to help you. ​ - Kimberly
Sprint Social Care

Re: Q10 for YouTube music video playlists -- use WiFi, or download!

If I just tap on a web page "link" to a playlist, it only plays the first song!    StereoTube allows one to create their own Playlists, and then play on the Q10. 

The problem occurs if one plays a lot without access to WiFi, in which case its easy to use 1 GB 4G data/day.  Wouldn't that be considered abusing the "Unlimited" data in my Everything Family Data 1500 plan?  Luckily, my daughter has all her music on her iPhone 5, avoiding data usage.  I must do the same, i.e. download YouTube music videos into folders onto my Q10. 

The problem is being able to create a Local Playlist to run the downloaded music videos on the SD memory chip.  So far, no luck -- unless I "merge" the set of MP4 files into a single MP4 and play from the Q10's video folder.   There doesn't seem to be an app for this function.

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