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Sprint failed -- Verizon now has Blackberry Q10


Sprint failed -- Verizon now has Blackberry Q10

It's beyond belief how poor Sprint Executive Management has become. Having been with Sprint for 15-consecutive years, I will end my relationship with Spring this Saturday, and I'm taking my family and my business with me.

Let me tell you why. As a long standing Blackberry customer I have been waiting months for the Q10. Sprint has done a horrible job of relating information to us Blackberry customers.

I have been tracking on the other cellular companies, and as of today, June 6th, you can get the Q10 at TMobile and Verizon. I commend these two carriers for updating their websites and telling customers EXACTLY WHEN THE PHONE WOULD BE RELEASED.  Spring did not such thing other than to say on their website, "its coming".

For those who are like me, I'm not going to TMobile -- I'm going to Verizon, and taking my accounts with me. Here is the link to the Q10 at Verizon for anyone else who cares to leave Sprint over their horrible screw up on the launch of the Q10:


Re: Sprint failed -- Verizon now has Blackberry Q10

I'm gone very shortly as well. Tired of waiting on Sprint to release the Q10. Verizon has a better network anyways and I don't need unlimited data. I've already spoken with Verizon and for my needs it will be cheaper and I will get the phone I want. Say goodbye to a 12 year customer Sprint.

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