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Updates for BB Q10


Updates for BB Q10

So far I'm loving this Q10! It is a little communications maniac. It has more apps available than my 9850 Torch did, which is nice, but it doesn't have viber available. As I have a friend going overseas I'm hoping there will be an update for Q10 coming out that will have viber, since it was available on previous versions of BB. Do we know when the Q10 will be getting an update? If not, anyone know how hard it is to "sideload" a android app? Beyond that, this is a great phone!

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Re: Updates for BB Q10

Forget about using Viber and apps like it. If your friend is using iPhone or Android, just have them download BBM, it's far superior and tightly integrated with your phone.Side loading isn't that difficult, there are numerous guides out there on doing so. The problem would be the stability of the side load, if it even worked in the first place. As far as getting an update, BB will release an update to the carriers (Sprint in our case), then the carrier does testing (for much too long, it's also totally unnecessary) then it will finally be released to your phone once Sprint thinks it's ready.


Re: Updates for BB Q10


Thanks for your post and apologies on the delay. While we do not have any information on Viber for the Q10, the BBM that FantomLightning25 mentioned could certainly be helpful. Any updates would be coming from RIM and there is no information regarding one at this time. Thanks!


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