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Will Sprint Carry New BB Phones?


Re: Will Sprint Carry New BB Phones?

I've been on Sprint nearly as long as you, and Sprint doesn't care at all about its prior Blackberry customers, or potential new Blackberry advocates. 

I just received via Fedex Express an offer for iPhone 6 for $5/mo.  Why is Sprint wasting money advertising iPhone 6 to me.  I'm love my Blackberry Q10.  Don't bother me until you are offering the new Passport, or Classic for others, or other new Blackberry 10 phones! 

And stop telling us to keep daily watch at for news on new Blackberry offerings.  That's a cop out. If Sprint has no plans to ever offer the Passport or Classic, or any other announced Blackberries for that matter, please just put out a newroom statement that:  "SPRINT HAS ZERO PLANS TO EVER OFFER THE BLACKBERRY PASSPORT OR CLASSIC PHONE OR [other announced Blackberry phone]".  Then its customers can make serious plans to switch to Verizon or ATT, and the hell with Sprint and their shoddy customer relations.  Of course, Sprint could alter such decision in the future, after sufficient customer loss, but that is their business.


Re: Will Sprint Carry New BB Phones?

If they won't support the current Blackberry's they barely carry why would you want to go with Sprint in the future?

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