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Coins in Cushions, Dollars in Drawers


Cell Phone Drawer.jpg Time for a confession. I’m a treasure hunter. Large or small, I love hunting for undiscovered or hidden value. Yes. On more than one occasion, I’ve checked the couch cushions to see if any coins have found their way down the cracks, along with the stray marble, hair clips and Goldfish crackers. Last fall, I had a real hay day when I took the dryer apart to fix it. Cleared almost $2 in change.

I could even regale you with a geocaching adventure on which I embarked with the kids. It rivaled a scene right out of Raiders of the Lost Ark – giant spiders and all. The pay-off was plastic jar with a screwtop lid that contained a rubber lizard, a pocket bible and a postcard of the union station in Chanute, Kansas, but for the adventure that we had, it may as well have been pure gold to me.

The point is hidden value is fun to find and often worth the search. And, let’s face it. If your household is anything like mine, times are tight. Any opportunity to save some money is a welcome one. Monday, April 5, marks the beginning of National Cell Phone Recycling Week. And this is an opportune time, to remind you that there’s dollars in them drawers.

Most of us have cell phones tucked away in drawers at home. Last night, a friend of mine shared that he had six unused phones lying around that he could recycle. You may not have that many, but let’s look at what your drawers might yield. If you rummaged around and found the following, you could get a combined $90 of value from the Sprint Buyback program today (April 5, 2010) – for example, if you found a Motorola RAZR V3M ($9) and Sidekick LX PV250 ($31) lying around, plus the Blackberry Curve 8350i ($50) that you’re now carrying.

Head into any of the more than 2,400 participating Sprint retail stores across the country and receive that amount in instant savings to put toward new products and accessories when you buy or upgrade to a new phone. The Sprint Buyback program accepts eligible cell phones and data cards from any carrier. Existing Sprint customers also can receive that value online in the form of an account credit to your monthly bills. Even if your wireless device is ineligible for our “buy back” program, you can still recycle it for free with Sprint Project Connect. Sprint will donate the net proceeds from the sale of the equipment to fund and promote Internet safety for kids.

Find out how easy and rewarding Sprint can make it to free up drawer space and recycle your old phones in this video featuring Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Then share the love and the savings. Forward a link to your family and friends.

Darren Beck
Sprint Corp Responsibility
Twitter @DarrenBeck

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