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All the Buzz about Sprint Flex

Community Manager


Ever found yourself in one of these positions?

  • I leased my device but decided I really like it and want to keep when my lease ends.  Why can’t I make payments towards the balance instead of a lump sum if I want to keep it?
  • I didn’t sign up for the lease when I got my phone, but two years is a long time to hold on to a phone.  I wish I could switch to a lease and upgrade sooner.
  • I like the idea of getting a new phone every year but what if I don’t want the newest Galaxy or iPhone?  What if I want to choose an iPhone one year and an HTC the next? Do you have anything like that?


If you like flexibility in the way you purchase your phone, then Sprint Flex is going to make your life with Sprint even better!


Buying a new phone can be one of the best parts of being a Sprint customer but we know that process can also be confusing.  Do you lease?  Buy on payments?  Pay one price up front?  With Sprint Flex, we’ve combined the best parts of leasing and installment billing into one program, all while ensuring you get the lowest cost for your phone!


Here’s how Sprint Flex works:

  1. Pick your phone.  Pay our lowest out of pocket today when you finance it over 18 mos.*
  2. Take advantage of our two annual upgrade options or none at all:
    • iPhone and Galaxy Forever customers continue to receive Annual upgrades at no additional charge. With iPhone or Galaxy Forever, exclusively from Sprint, you can upgrade to the latest model any time after 12 payments.
    • Add annual upgrade on all other phones for just $5/month
  3. Every Sprint Flex purchase is upgrade eligible after 18 payments but you only upgrade when you’re ready.  Want a new phone? Return your current phone and upgrade. Or pay your device off and keep it.  
    • If you decide to keep the phone, simply pay off the remaining balance in one lump sum or break it up into 6 monthly payments: either way, your cost is the same and the phone is yours to keep.



Want more information?  Check out the Sprint Flex  landing page or the Get Started page.   Of course, you can always ask questions in the comments.  We can't want to hear your feedback!


I have reached the end of my lease with Sprint Flex for my iPhone 6S Plus.  I would like to purchase the iPhone 6S Plus that I've been leasing, and I also would like to upgrade to a new device. Possibly an iPhone 7 or 8. Is this possible? I want own the iPhone 6S Plus I've been leasing and keep it as a backup phone in case one of the devices on my account gets damage, lost, or stolen.  So can I purchase the end of lease device, then deactivate the device with my number (would remain inactive until I reactivate it to replace a damaged, lost, or stolen device currently on my account.) and reactivate my number with a new upgraded device?

Community Manager

Hey OLAESJ, If I understand what you're asking, you'd like to pay the purchase price of your current lease so that you can keep the phone and then upgrade that line to a newer device. You would then have the iPhone 6s on hand and ready to be used as a backup phone if something bad happens. 


Is that correct? 


Yes that is correct.  Is this possible? 

Community Manager

It definitely should be possible,but I'd like an agent to look at the situation and review for you. Hang tight 🙂


Hi OLAESJ, I will send you a private message for further assistance, please review it at your earliest convenience.