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Andy Rubin's New Essential Phone - A Sprint Exclusive!

Community Manager

We can't live without our smartphones. Many of us hold our world in the palm of our hands when we pick up our phone.  We don't just talk and text, we manage our finances, we keep up with our world and we entertain ourselves all from our device. Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, believes in bringing the future to fruition, he believes your device should be uniquely yours and best of all, believes he has created the essential smart phone.  He's so sure he's right, he's even named the phone the Essential.  Good news for those of us interested in new and bright ideas, Sprint is the exclusive carrier partner in the US.


community-essential-phone.pngThe Essential phone's specs and hardware set it up nicely to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6, including:

  • Bezel-less 5.7 inch screen 

  • Fingerprint scanner 

  • USB Type-C

  • Dual 13 MP rear cameras

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor 

  • 4GB of RAM 

  • 128GB of internal storage 
  • 3040mAh battery

What sets the Essential apart in the already-stellar cellular device field? A few intriguing details including:

  • All titanium metal body and ceramic back that Rubin and team are touting as the ultimate in damage resistance
  • Unique magnetic connecting feature which will allow for the user to connect different accessories ranging from a 360 camera to extended batteries.  There's a home dock and a wireless charging pad with more 'mod' type accessories on the way.

Rubin promises a true open platform experience with a 'future proof' device that keeps up with a rapidly changing industry.


We're proud and excited to announce that Sprint will be the exclusive carrier of the Essential phone.  For more information or to check out the details, head over to Essential landing page.


I am definitively getting the Ocean Depths one when it is available.

Community Manager

 Hey hey @Th3Phoenix 🙂  I am intrigued by this new device but may not get a chance to play with it.  Please do us a favor and tell us about it when you get the phone.


I will as soon as I get my hands on the phone

cant figure out how i missed you posting in here again @ Th3Phoenix . good to see you again yo.

I am looking forward to getting into this device!!! 


Why is it that android phones can make calls and use data at the same time but the iPhones can not? I contacted Apple because I was told by a Sprint representative that it was an iPhone issue but come to find out, Sprint does not support this feature for the iPhone. How is it that Sprint is behind the times yet claims to be one of the best networks. Also, why do they not tell consumers who purchase the iPhone that this feature is not available? If I had known this I would have never switched from AT&T! Shame on you Sprint.

Community Manager

That is not necessarily the case.  All android devices are not able to do simultaneous voice and data (SVD).  The older ones, yes.  It was due to their chipset.  The latest ones, no.  Our iPhone cannot do it natively, but can with Wifi Calling and VCC.  In the not so distant future, all devices will be able to use SVD once VoLTE is available.