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Announcing the Return of Buzz About Wireless

Community Manager

Did you know the original Sprint Community was known as Buzz About Wireless?  We're bringing Buzzy back, with the latest scoops about upcoming devices and accessories.


Watch this space for curated content featuring the latest speculation and yes, buzz, about devices coming to your favorite Android manufacturers in the near future.

About the Author
  • In addition to being a Sprint Employee and Product Ambassador, GeekGeoff is an unabashed Star Wars fan, Tech Junkie and Father to a precocious 9 year old. When he’s not writing blogs, he can be found playing video games, searching for the best donut shop or debating which Doctor is the best (for the record, it’s number 10).
  • SeaWolf makes port here on Sprint's Community after running a somewhat popular blog, a mildly successful Twitter account and serving as the most-hated fandom Message Board Manager EVAR. Current Phone: Samsung S8 Areas of Expertise: Care topics and corny jokes