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We’ve all been there.  You’re working from a coffee shop and their Wi-Fi isn’t great.  It’s slow. There’s a lot of people logged onto it, and so the security is dubious. You’re thinking you should have just worked from home, but you can’t get the iced macchiato quite right like they do here.  Also, they’ve got some bomb muffin options.   Luckily, you’re on a Sprint Unlimited plan which includes hot spot, so you don’t have stress about the connection while you sip that macchiato and crush that lemon poppy seed muffin.  Here’s how you get it setup.


Step 1. On your phone, go to Settings, select Connections.



Step 2. Tap on Mobile Hotspot and Tethering



Step 3. Switch Mobile Hotspot to “ON”



Step 4.  Tap on the menu dots to the right of Mobile Hotspot to setup a password and change the name of the network by selecting “Configure Hotspot”.



Step 5. Change your network name, hide your network, change the security type, and set the password, then save any changes.



But HeLPER! I want to be able to do this securely! Does Sprint offer any sort of VPN Service to keep my data secure? Of course we do! We offer Sprint Secure Wi-Fi! It should be installed on your Android device, but if not, you can grab it out of the Google Play store or from iTunes.  It’s a subscription of $.99 for 24-hours or $1.99/month billed to your account.  It's an account level subscription, so you won't need to have multiple subscriptions for all of your devices. 

Here’s how it works!

  • Protects your data privacy when you access a Wi-Fi network or hotspot.
  • Provides the security you need when using Wi-Fi hotspots whether they are password-protected or not.
  • Automatically encrypts traffic as soon as the phone connects to a Wi-Fi network – You don’t need to do anything else!

Once you’ve got it downloaded, select which option you want.

You can cancel at any time.


Once you’re subscribed, tap OK to allow secure Wi-Fi to setup the VPN connection.



Now you’ll see the number of hotspots you’ve connected to that are being protected, as well as any apps, websites, and the amount of data that’s being encrypted.



You can unsubscribe by tapping Manage Subscription. The Options tab allows you to auto-connect, notify you when you’re connected to Sprint Secure, and auto-update the app. 



That’s it! Happy and safe browsing!