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Carpe diem! Sign up for Sprint Complete NOW - it's Fall Open Enrollment Time!

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

We know some customers regret passing on the chance to sign-up for Sprint Complete so we are pleased to offer Fall Open Enrollment from November 2 through December 31, 2018. With exclusive benefits you won’t find anywhere else, #SprintComplete keeps your device running at peak performance.


At Sprint, we believe technology should make us feel more secure, enhance our lives and make it less complicated. That is why we offer unprecedented support to help our customers get the most from their devices and never miss a beat.


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Enrollment in Sprint Complete is normally required within 30 days of device activation. For a limited time, customers in good standing with a connected and an in working order phone, tablet or smartwatch not in need of repair or replacement can take advantage of this "second chance" to enroll by logging in to your account on, the My Sprint app, calling Sprint Care at 1-800-Sprint1 or visiting a local Sprint store. Sprint Complete monthly cost is $9 to $19 per month based on the device.


Of the four major U.S. carriers, Sprint provides the largest in-store repair network with 450 Sprint repair stores and 260 Apple stores for devices eligible for AppleCare Services. Sprint Complete offers the most repair options, including in-store repair, on-site repair, and mail-in repair (select models only).


There has never been a better time to choose Sprint Complete:

  • 60 percent of customers say transferring their digital life is the most important need when buying a new phone.
  • 80 percent of customers have issues setting up their new device. Customers typically spend more than an hour setting up a new phone.
  • One in five people will have their phone lost, stolen or damaged this year.
  • 64 percent of all incidents occur within the first 12 months of getting a new phone.


Sprint Complete Provides Worry-Free Wireless Protection with Enhanced Service and Repair and Personalized, instant On-Demand Tech Support.


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Packed with features that go beyond traditional protection programs, Sprint Complete’s convenient benefits include1:

  • $29 cracked screen repair on eligible devices: Pay just $29 for cracked screen repair at one of 450 Sprint repair stores or schedule a tech expert visit to your home or office. Additional device repairs are available at Sprint repair stores.
  • Unlimited cloud storage: Keep your memories safe with automatic, high-resolution backup for photos and videos through the Complete Storage app.2
  • Password protection: Online password management tools help you protect your accounts. Get personalized help to restore your identity through the Complete Security app.
  • Next day replacement: If your device is lost or stolen, receive a replacement as soon as the next business day.
  • Live Tech Experts: Contact a Tech Expert through the Sprint Complete app to set up your new device, provide virtually unlimited device assistance, or just help it run better. You can even schedule a smart home consultation.

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You can enroll by logging into the My Sprint app, calling Sprint Care at 1-800-Sprint1 or visiting a local Sprint store. Sprint Complete’s monthly cost is $9 to $19 per month based on the device.


Don’t hesitate, learn more about this limited offer by visiting today!




Open Enrolment disclosure: To qualify the device must be in working order, and not in need of repair or replacement.



Yeah until you need them they dont help... I have a cracked screen on my new s10 and they wont repair it and wont give me a legit reason... what's the point of having insurance if they wint protect my phone? They said they dont have parts or tools? **bleep**?  Makes no sense


Sprint Complete is a complete lie. Broken screen LG-v40 for more than a year. Cannot get it fixed. Complete run-around from everyone at Sprint. Now they want to send phone off to LG. Not what I am paying for. And when they fixed my daughter's iPhone last week, the tech broke the face recognition and gave it back to us knowing it was broken. The phone showed the tech had run a diagnostic test showing it was broken. Had to spend hours ar Apple and ended-up needing a new phone. Thanks Sprint. Not.

Sprint Employee

Hi DesignGirl ! This does not sound good. It should not take this long to have an issue resolved. The $29 cracked screen repair applies to the front screen only. Any further damage to the device will result in standard service fees, based on the device model/type.

Are there any associated fees if your device is sent out for repair? Did you try contacting other Sprint repair center?