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Countdown to the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Community Manager

What's up Community!  It's countdown time!  For those living under a rock, the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ launches this Friday! If you have forgotten or don't know anything about the S9, you can read my all about it in my blog.


We are going to countdown to Launch Date!  Please be sure to visit every day to learn about the new and exciting features Samsung's latest offering!!


Monday:  Immersive Entertainment




Tuesday:  Super Slow-Mo

Welcome back Community!  In my anxiousness to get out yesterday's material, I forgot to thank our friends at Samsung in providing the content.  I will say, Samsung usually come through when we have requests, however they still not have not fulfilled my request to sent me some Samsung IconX 2 earbuds.  I guess my 1's will do.  Anyhoo!  On to Super Slow-Mo!!  THANKS SAMSUNG!!



Wednesday:  AR Emojis

Welcome back Community!  Big shout out to Derek from Samsung who dropped off the S9 at the site yesterday.  I spent the majority of my day using/learning/playing with the S9 and got to paid to do it!  I will say despite the S8 having the exact same battery size of the S9+, there was a stark difference in performance.  The S9+ lasted a lot longer than it's predecessor. I stressed test the heck out of it: YouTube, ESPN, Twitter, Hulu, Netflix, Tidal, Kodi, etc.  Could be the Samsung optimizations or the fact the S9 launches with Oreo which has its own optimizations.  That's not why we are here!  Today is about AR Emojis in Part 3 of our countdown to S9 launch.  Enjoy!



Thursday:  Reintroduction

What's up Community!  Today is the eve of the S9 launch unless you were one of those preorder folks.  Today's video is a sum up of features we already discussed.  Honestly, it's one of the 30 second ads you will see on TV.  ENJOY!




What's up Community!!  First and foremost thank you all for participating in the countdown.  I hope it was informative because I strongly believe in "Each one...Teach one".  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to comment below or PM me.  I answer all.  Thank you again!


That is awesome, would be a shame to keep such and awesome feature out of the US market for whatever reason.


best regards sprint team, when I lived in the United States, I bought this phone from a friend at work, everything perfect, I used it with sprint and everything very well, now I am on vacation in Punta Cana RD and I have not been able to use the phone That is blocked I have followed the guide they offer but I have not been successful, please assist me. Thank you imei  [edited for privacy]

Community Manager

PM me the MEID and I will have a look at the lock status.,


Please helps, my phone got locked againg please someone can help me. ls997 oreo 

Community Manager

Shoot me a PM and let me know what's going on @Herreraaa