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Data Saver - A Kilobyte Saved, Is a Kilobyte Earned

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Data Saver

Data Saver is a feature that was released with Android 7.0 that allows your device to prevent some apps from sending or receiving background data while on the network.  This helps reduce unnecessary data usage by limiting how much data the device uses.  This is a great feature to turn on when you are away from Wi-Fi and need to conserve data usage.  Apps that are in use can use mobile data but will do so less frequently and notifications for certain apps will still come through but can be delayed.  There is the option to create a customizable list of apps that can use data without restrictions.  If you are experiencing issues with delayed notifications or images not loading on web pages, data saver could be affecting these functions.


Capture.JPGTo turn this feature on/off start in Settings>Connections>Data Usage>Data Saver.  When data is on, there will be a circle and cross icon for Android 7.0.  On Android 8.0 there will be a triangle with two arrows that show in the navigation bar to remind you this feature is on.



My LG V20 provides an option to disable this feature when it activates, but this option never seems to work -- data saver comes back on the next time my phone roams.


I would like to disable it because it turns on whenever I go through a short stretch near my home where the Sprint network drops, and since the stretch only takes a few minutes to drive through, I really don't need it. So it's just an annoyance that serves no real purpose in terms of preventing me from using much data while roaming.


Is there a way to get this choice of disabling the data saver feature to 'stick'?

Community Manager

I'm not sure why it comes on automatically because it should be off by default.  Go to settings - network and internet - mobile network - and make sure 'Roaming' is turned on and "Data warning and limit" is set to off.

@Em_Will_I_Am Thanks for replying! I think you must be reading settings from a phone other than an LG V20 -- I'm not seeing a setting path quite like the one you describe. The closest setting I see to what you pointed me to is under Network --> Mobile data, which is set to ON, under which there is a Limit mobile data usage toggle, which I have set to OFF (This is the page that shows data usage by application, BTW.) So I think I already have limiting of mobile data by the phone disabled. Doesn't this mean the phone should not be turning on the data saver feature?
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You're right, I was reading from an Android 10 device and the V20 is on 9.  What are your roaming settings set as?  On? Off?  I wonder if they are set to Off and when you roam, it triggers the Data Saver.


I'm using the LG V40 ThinQ.  I have the same issue so above.  My data saver turns itself on at the most inconvenient times.  Specifically in the middle of work while my Hotspot is on. Every now and then it just kills everything.  Yes I am set to automatic roaming.  Idk what to do but this is dining me up a wall.