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Everything Under the Hood of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

Community Manager



What's up Community!  Unless you have been living under a rock you would know by now Samsung's latest behemoth has dropped!  Officially known as the Samsung Galaxy Note9, much is known about its key features such as a 6.4-inch screen, updated S-Pen, and 125GB of storage (512GB for the pro version), however not much is known about the rest of the features such as nerds like me are interested in.  Sure, it has 128GB of storage, but how many milliamp hours does it get!  This is that blog.  All the nerdy stuff your ex-girlfriend on facebook don't care about.  She just wants to know how good is the front "selfie" camera.  Sorry...had a flashback there.  I'm back.  Let's check out a video!




 That was quaint, but I promised to deliver what is all under the hood.  Before we do that, "What's in the Box" (Brad Pitt in "Se7en" voice)?



 As far as the under the hood promise, behold!





I hope that was helpful.  I also have received questions emailed to me regarding the Note 9, so many that I decided to compose an FAQ!


Q: What is dual aperture?

A: Cover one eye with your hand.  That is a single aperture.  Now remove your hand.  That's dual aperture.  That is the best way I can explain it. Dual aperture performs like your eyes giving your pictures more detail and depth.  Excellent in low light situations.


Q: What version of AndroidOS will this device run?
A: The Galaxy Note9 will run the latest AndroidOS version 8.1 (Oreo, O).


Q: Why not Android PIE?
A: It will in the coming months.


Q: What type of processor does this device have?
A: The Galaxy Note9 houses a Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core processor (4x 2.8 GHz Cortex-A75 + 2x 1.76GHz Cortex-A55).


Q: What size battery does this device have?
A: The Galaxy Note9 houses a 4000 mAh battery.


Q: How much memory (RAM) does this device have?
A: The 128GB variant of the Galaxy Note9 houses 6GB of memory; the 512GB Pro Edition houses 8GB of memory.


Q: I want the Pro Edition, but Sprint does not sell it!

A: One can purchase the unlocked version from Samsung and enjoy it on Sprint.


Q: How much storage does this device have?
A: The Galaxy Note9 houses 128GB of onboard memory and supports up to 400GB of additional storage with the addition of a compatible Class 10 or better microSD card. The Pro Edition of Galaxy Note9 carries 512GB of storage space.


Q: I want the Pro Edition, but Sprint does not sell it!

A: Asked and answered.  Technically, it's not a question, but more of an exclamation.  Nonetheless, One can purchase the unlocked version from Samsung and enjoy it on Sprint.


Q: What type of camera does this device have?
A: The Galaxy Note9 has front and rear cameras. Rear: Dual 12MP OIS AF(wide) f1.5/f2.4 + (Tele)f2.4 Front: 8MP (f1.7) AF


Q: What security features are included on this device?
A: Biometric authentication methods include fingerprint scan, iris scan, facial recognition, and smart scan (facial recognition + iris). Standard security features include PIN, password, and passcode unlock. All Galaxy devices are secured with Samsung Knox and are Samsung Approved for Enterprise.


Q: My S-Pen is powered by Bluetooth now, how do I charge it?
A: To charge your S-Pen, simply insert it into the Galaxy Note9 device. Once inserted the S-Pen will charge fully through a built-in capacitor system in about 60 seconds.  I wrote a blog about it here.


Q: I purchased a different color or replacement S-Pen online, how do I pair it to my device?
A: Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S-Pen, and select S-Pen remote. Tap the 3 horizontal dots to access more options and select the “Reset S Pen” option. I wrote a blog that here.


Q: How is this device different than the Galaxy Note8?
A: There are major changes from the Note8 to the Galaxy Note9 device, including 4000 mAh battery, Bluetooth powered S-Pen, dual camera with dual aperture lens and either 128GB or 512GB of storage paired with either 6GB/8GB of RAM based on the selected version.


Q: Has Bixby received any upgrades with this model?
A: On the Galaxy Note9, users will be able to read any sign by translating foreign text using Bixby Vision.


Q: What is the best data transfer option?
A: Smart Switch makes transferring easier than ever before. Transferring pictures, videos, music, contacts, messages and more can be done via a wired transfer or a wireless transfer from another Android device or an iOS device.


Q: What video streaming quality does the device support?
A: The Galaxy Note9 can record video at 4K resolution with a frame rate of 60fps.


Q: What are the UI/UX changes and color schemes I can expect?
A: Galaxy Note9 devices will launch with the Oreo AndroidOS combined with the Dream UX (TouchWiz). Consumers will receive the same great experience they’ve come to expect from Samsung’s custom overlay, TouchWiz. Consumers will receive the same great experience they’ve come to expect from TouchWiz.


Q: What is the screen size?
A: The Galaxy Note9 has a 6.4” QHD+ Super AMOLED display (2560+400 x 1440, 516PPI).


Q: Is the device water resistant?
A: Yes, Galaxy Note9 devices are IP68 water and dust resistant. The device can withstand immersion in up to 5 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes and is built to prevent dust ingress.


Q: Does the device take SD cards? If so, what size and class?
A: Yes, the Galaxy Note9 supports up to a 400GB microSD card. For best results, Samsung recommends a compatible class 10 or better memory card (UHD 1 or UHD 3).


Q: Will the device have something similar to the Animojis on the iPhone X?
A: Galaxy Note9 users will be able to personalize their messaging experience like never before with customized Avatars.


Q: Will the device have the same moisture indicated message prompt when wet or dirty like previous model devices?
A: Just as with previous device models rated for IP68 water resistance, the Galaxy Note9 will notify the user if moisture is detected in the port and the charging cable is connected. Ensure that the port has been allowed to dry completely before attempting to charge the device to prevent unintentional damage to internal components.


Q: This is a long blog.  Do you think people will read it all?

A: I doubt it.  I still get questions that are already in the FAQ.