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FORGET full storage notifications

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

I am not usually the one to have an opinion about products and services, much less write about them, yet here I am. 


I am the kind of person who downloads every single app I see on social media: shopping, coupons, weather, games, photo editing apps, you name it. If I think it makes my life easier, chances are I will head to the app store and hit the download button. 


Every once in a while, I wake up to another software update and my phone says “version 15.1 is now available for download with all the bug fixes and ultimate features” blah, blah, blah. I never notice the difference, but I still try to upgrade it, thinking maybe there’s a new feature or shortcut that would be useful.


The problem is that after getting the software upgrade message several times and finally trying to install the new version, I get yet another notification saying I don’t have enough storage. 


Really? I paid over $1,000 for a phone and three months in, you are telling me I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE? 


My first reaction is always to revisit my gallery and start deleting my pictures to free up space, but since I don’t want to lose any of my memories, I connect my phone to my computer and make sure everything is backed up before I delete it. When going over my gallery, I realize the incredible amount of random photos I have: screenshots of Instagram posts, GIFs, song names, dozens of blurry or dark photos that I don’t remember taking, and thousands of selfies I never really use.


The deleting and backing up had become a monthly routine until I found an app that gives me UNLIMITED storage for all my photos and videos.



Granted, after researching for a couple of minutes I found out Sprint Complete Storage gives customers unlimited storage to back up all photos and videos. The app also backs up my pictures automatically, so long as the app is running, so I don’t need to plug my phone into my computer anymore. LIFE CHANGING.


ON TOP OF THAT, it organizes my gallery and shows me all screenshots and blurry photos –helping me optimize my gallery and free up space— and has an editing feature that allows me to edit my images within the app. 


Seriously? All this time I’ve been struggling with my storage notifications, and now I come to find out Sprint Complete has an app for that?


In case I wasn’t clear, Sprint Complete customers get UNLIMITED storage for all photos and videos. Sprint customers who don’t have Sprint Complete get 5GB of storage at no cost.


Don’t believe me? Go ahead and give the Complete Storage app a try. 


Sprint Complete keeps my phone safe. Sprint Complete Storage keeps my memories safe.


***Sprint Complete is powered by Asurion. Limitations apply.