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Find Your Happy Place with the My Sprint App!

Community Manager



What's up Community! Let talk about a little-known app that's already on your phone. It's called the My Sprint app. iPhone and BYOD folks, it is not preinstalled, but you can grab it from the app store. Back in the day, we had to call in to make a payment or go to the store for an upgrade, or get on the internet! Do you know how long it takes to boot up my HP with Windows 10 with probably tons of malware?!?! That's so 2019! Well, it's 2020 and we can do all of that and more on the move or on the couch with the My Sprint app.







A few taps are all it takes no matter what you are trying to do.  Make a payment or set up/change autopay.


Skip the phone call and the obligatory phone tree, make a payment on the toilet!  Come on, I am not the only one who uses the phone in the bathroom.  Anyway...


Tap the 'Make a payment' button




Choose an amount, the date and the payment method




Verify and authorize the payment






For our folks on autopay and you need to make a change.  Taps are minimal:


From home page, tap Em_Will_I_Am_3-1580766430802.png


Scroll to the bottom and tap Manage AutoPay




Change your payment method or cancel Autopay altogether




That's it!







I am a tad bit bias here, so the best part on the above pic is the 'Find answers on Community'. Be sure to click that to get the best service!  Now go check it out on your device or download it! 


Download for iOS 


Get it on Google Play